The Universe Responds to Your Energy

Scarcity or Abundance— The Choice is Yours

I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately. When you go through crazy changes that seem out of your control, you tend to do that. I wanted to take the control back. Upon this journey, I have really dove into manifesting and improving self concept. This has caused me to also think about the energy that I’m putting out into the unvierse.

I won’t go into too much detail about what the manifesting process is like as I do have another post about that. To me, manifesting is about energy. It’s almost like “you reap, what you sow”. If you put out negative energy into the universe, then you will likely get that back. I know that may seem like it’s some magical concept, but it really is just about how you perceive things in your life. Manifesting shifts your mindset so you see things with a totally different perspective.

The concept of manifesting isn’t new to me. I started to look into it about 5 or so years ago. I did not take it as seriously as I do now though. I didn’t apply it like I should have like I am now. The past few months I have seen the power I have just with my mind and the energy I put out into the universe.

Like Attracts Like

So what’s different this time around?

Even though I’ve always been a fairly positive person, I was still putting the energy of lack, scarcity, and desperation out to the universe. This is the Law of Attraction. Unlike magnets, like attracts like in the Universe. If you put that energy out, then you will continue to receive more of that. In fact, it will likely show up in worse ways. Trust me. I know. Lately, I have mostly been doing the opposite. I am putting out the energy of abundance.

Shifting Your Mindset

This can be a bit challenging at first especially if you do not tangibly have the things you desire such as money or a significant other. If you are struggling financially then you likely feel worried about bills or how you can afford things. It will take work to shift your mind from scarcity to abundance, but it is possible. You have to train your mind to act as if. That does not mean to go out and buy everything you want because you are acting as if you are wealthy. It’s more so about your mindset.

When you receive a bill, do you approach it with worry? Shift that thought to, “wow, I received a check for $X” in the mail and come from a place of gratitude. It sounds ridiculous, but it works. I wouldn’t worry about “the how” because none of that matters. I promise you I am someone who has to understand why certain things work, but I’ve let that go. I do not really care how it works and that’s not important honestly. It just does if you take the right steps to fixing your mindset.

Manifesting also requires you to be very careful with how you word things. It’s very similar to affirmations. For example, saying things that come off as if you are in a lacking state such as:

  • “I can’t afford that. I’m so broke.”
  • “I’m so stupid.”
  • ”I wish I was in a good relationship.”
  • ”I don’t look good wearing clothes like that.”

So you want to reword things like this as:

  • “I prefer to not spend my money on that right now.”
  • “I am learning and growing.”
  • ”I am in a loving, committed relationship with the person of my dreams.”
  • “I work hard to have a healthy, fit physique.”

Clearly in the current reality you might be broke, upset about mistakes you have made, single and feeling lonely, or overweight. It doesn’t matter. You need to convince your mind otherwise.

Would someone who is wealthy and who has a great career stress over a $150 bill? No, they’d pay it and move on. Do the same. Would someone in a loving, committed relationship throw a pity party about being alone? I don’t think so. Would someone who values their health and physique emotionally eat and make excuses to avoid the gym? Most likely not very often. When you truly start to align your mind with these concepts, you show up differently in your life. Then the universe provides.

When you can say and even visualize those positive ideas, you start to get feelings associated with those ideas. You start acting as if and living as if it’s already done. You start to be open to new opportunities. You start to find ways to improve yourself. You start radiating and people gravitate into your life. You start feeling more confident because you are focusing on improving your health.

Get What You Want From the Universe

Again, I know to a lot of people this sounds like it’s some witchcraft or wizardry. It’s not though. All of this has brought me so much more peace. The old version of me would dwell on some of the things that have unfolded. I would spend hours over analyzing, crying, losing sleep, and trying to figure out why. Now, even when those moments come up I acknowledge them, then let that anxiety go.

You know why I’m able to do that now? I am committed to only emitting good energy because that is what I want to attract. I haven’t told anyone this yet (so you’re reading it first), but about a week ago I hysterically cried in the shower. I did my self concept affirmations (“I am” statements). Then I went on to visualizing and describing something I desire. I spoke in present tense and “as if”. In fact, I felt “as if” and that’s why I cried. It was a happy, grateful cry. I felt the true emotions of how I would feel when I have what I am manifesting. It brought me so much peace. I continue to bring my mind to that place when it starts to slip up a bit.

And now I know that I put that desire out to the universe without any feelings of lack, desperation, or insecurity, I just freaking know it’s coming to me. I have no idea how or when, but again…NONE of that matters. I have never had such a strong, overwhelming emotion while manifesting. So now I’m actually kind of excited as I have something amazing to look forward to whenever it arrives. 🙂

This isn’t something that happens overnight. Of course, the more you work on it, it will become second nature. I feel like I have mostly gotten to that point. I just feel more equipped, calm, and at ease because of the work I have put in to align my energy with what I want out of life. You can definitely get to that point too if you do some internal work.

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