How to Manifest Your Visions

Manifest Your Visions Into Reality

My mental state for the past few months has been very clouded to say the least. It has become really frustrating. I used to be such a creative and motivated person. Lately though, I just have not been myself in those areas. Sure, I’m motivated for certain things such as going to the gym (generally). For other things though, it’s like I’ve had a mental block and I just can’t figure it out. Then I end up getting so discouraged with myself. It’s just counterintuitive to be any sort of productive.So last week I watched one of Sam Ozkural’s Law of Attraction YouTube videos. She talks about how to manifest quite a bit, but this video focused around the full moon too. So I decided to whip out my little notebook I’ve been carrying lately that is somewhat like a brain dumping notebook.

Sam first says to write down 5 things you are grateful for and then 5 things you want to manifest in your life. Then, keeping those in mind you are to write out what she called “scripts”.

Now when I did this, I didn’t set it for a certain time period like a year or 5 years. I made it more like my long term vision and goals. However, I’m sure you could do this for short term goals as well.


To me writing down things I’m grateful for is pretty simple. In the past few years when I have struggled, that is the main concept I go back to – practicing gratitude. All successful people I have read about or listened to speak heavily on gratitude and it’s importance. The problem is that most people only practice gratitude when things are going well. I’ve noticed it helps to find the little pieces to be grateful for even when things are in shambles. For example, with all the sadness I have faced with the deaths at the shelter, I have found gratitude in the people around me who have been very supportive. It doesn’t make the situation better, but it provides me comfort in those weak moments.

Even simple items such as hot water in the shower, having A/C in the house, the ability to have 3 meals a day are good things to be grateful for. We often take for granted the basic items that some people lack, so I try to always humble myself by realizing that.


…an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.

Manifestations are pretty similar to goals, but to me manifestations seem bigger than that. Just looking at the definition the word “embodies” says a lot. Sometimes we have these goals and we think that it would be nice to achieve that, but we don’t go beyond the thought of it. With a manifestation you are putting that energy out into the universe that you are set to obtain these visions. I know it sounds magical, but the Law of Attraction can sometimes come off that way. It’s not magic though, it’s all about energy. If you manifest the negative thoughts in your head on a daily basis, then that is what you will get. I’ve even personally experienced that. It’s so easy to stay in a negative mindset and manifest that. However, it takes a little more work to focus our energy on moving forward and the positive.

Manifest your visions by being mindful. Practice gratitude on a regular basis. Envision where you see yourself.
Photo by Lesly Juarez


The important and somewhat challenging part of this is to write it as if it’s already true. Instead of saying “I want to live in this house. I want to have this career”, you would say “I live in this house and this is my career”. When I did this, I truly tried to imagine what my life would look like if I had all that I desire out of life. I even picture what my house looks like, the smells, the nostalgic feeling I have, a sense of contentment and accomplishment. A good ritual to practice as well (which Sam discusses too) is to actually turn on meditation music/nature sounds, close your eyes, and truly paint the picture with your thoughts.

According to Sam in the video, she says that during a full moon is when it is best to put out this energy due to the gravitational forces. The next full moon looks to be on November 23, 2018. My plan is to sit outside on that night and read over these manifestations. Additionally, I am going to look at my lists and script on a regular basis so it sticks with me. In the moments where I question my motivation, I can refer back to my manifestations as guidance.

I am now starting a monthly habits tracker, which I plan on writing about in another post. One of my habits is to manifest for at least 5 minutes a day. If you are still unsure on what it means to manifest, you can watch all sorts of videos on YouTube to get ideas. Of course, it can look different for everyone. It’s a way to get your mind right especially at the beginning and the closing of each day. We all could benefit from that in this hectic world!

Hoping this practice will help me get back into the mindset I once had. Best wishes with your own manifestation journey if you decide to try it too!