The Girl Boss Holiday Gift Guide

10 Gifts a Girl Boss will Love Under $30

Girl Boss Holiday Gift Guide
All items $30 or less that you can find online for the girl boss in your life.


You know who she is in your life. She’s the girl who is always hustling and getting stuff done. This girl love anything self help related. She also loves nifty tools that help her be more productive. If you are looking for gifts for the girl boss in your life that will not break the bank, then here’s a list of ten awesome items that are $30 or less that you can find online.

  1. Law of Attraction Planner: It’s pretty obvious that a girl boss probably needs a planner to help map out her days, weeks, months, and year. This Law of Attraction Planner is not just a regular planner. It also helps guide you through your goals and staying motivated.
  2. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero: Personally, I have yet to read this book. However, my sister owns it and has raved about it. Plus, it’s one of the top rated self-help books!
  3. #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso: What better way to inspire a girl boss than gifting her a book titled #GirlBoss. This is another book with wonderful reviews that is sure to inspire!
  4. Boss Lady Mug: Mugs are always fun gifts because everyone can use them. If the girl boss you’re buying for enjoys coffee or tea, this is perfect. If not, maybe she would just like to use the mug as a pen holder. Either way, it makes for a cute gift!
  5. Portable Phone Charger: A girl boss is usually on the go, so having a portable phone or tablet charger is crucial. That way, she can get work done almost anywhere!
  6. Bic Gel-ocity Retractable Pens: I recently used these pens and I HAD to buy some of my own. They write really smoothly, have vibrant colors, and are way better quality than regular gel pens. Everyone needs pens, but a girl boss probably wants pens that are fun and write well. These are the ones to pick!
  7. Blue Light Blocking Glasses: It’s pretty likely that as a girl boss, she’s on her computer, tablet, or phone a lot. Large amounts of screen time can cause headaches, eye issues, trouble sleeping, and more. With these blue light blocking glasses, the affect of the screen time is less harsh. My sister bought a pair of these and she finds them very helpful.
  8. Aukey Table Lamp: A girl boss may stay up late finishing work or up bright and early in the morning to start working. So, a desk or table lamp is crucial. This lamp is unique in that it changes colors, is touch activated, and has three different levels: soft, moderate, and bright.
  9. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: Let’s be real…this is a good gift for pretty much anyone. A girl boss could use this for phone calls on the go, listening to music while working, or during her workouts.
  10. Oregon Scientific Projection Alarm Clock: This alarm clock is pretty cool! It projects the time on the wall, tells the temperature, gives accurate time, and has a sleek modern look. A girl boss needs to wake up on time and be places on time, so this definitely can help!



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