Stop Buying Into Fitness Trends

Fitness and Health Related Trends to Avoid

*Disclaimer: This blog post was not created to bash anyone or any product. I am also not trying to offend anyone or their lifestyle. I am just giving my opinion on the trends that seem to exist in the fitness and health arena. The opinions may seem harsh, but I don’t agree with sugar coating…so I’m going to keep it real! Please stop reading if you think you will be easily offended.

Lately it’s been trendy to be into fitness and health. If you’re serious about it, that’s great. I absolutely LOVE working out and nutrition even to the point that I’ve wished I would have majored in a related field in college. However, it’s gotten to the point in the public that it’s just the norm to wear workout clothes when some of us don’t even workout…ever! Then we buy into the elaborate items and these “independent sales reps” ads you see on Facebook.


You know I find it rather interesting that of the 2 years that I have had a gym membership, I almost hardly ever see anyone wearing Fitbits or other similar products. However, it seems like people who don’t workout are all over these devices. “I got my 10,000 steps in.”…ok, great and how is that helping you with your overall fitness goals? Do you think you are going to have the fit, healthy body by just walking around at work?

This is not to say I am against tracking fitness related progress and goals. I actually have tracked my progress in a notebook with handwritten notes. I have also used a running app on my phone to track my progress, set new goals, and use a training program to improve my running stamina. What I am against is the lack of action that seems to be attached to these wrist devices. It’s as though all of a sudden we are wearing this fancy watch to make ourselves feel like we are fit.

My point is you don’t need a fancy device to tell you that you are progressing. Get in the gym, go for a run, lift some weights, go to an exercise class, do something physical beyond just walking at work (unless you can only physically handle that or you are elderly).

It Works & Other Wrapping Products

No, no, no, no, no…and NO! Working out and eating right…IT WORKS! If something as simple as a wrap and some green smoothies made people fit and healthy, don’t you think the people who are really toned would be using it or promoting it? I have yet to see one serious fitness person (I follow a lot on social media and YouTube) promoting or endorsing such a product. This is yet another cop out of doing what you should have been doing in the first place…just get moving and stop eating junk!

Waist Trainers & Saran Wrap (Yes, that stuff that you keep in your kitchen)

Yet again, my mind is boggled by the fact that people invest their money into something so ridiculous. I see girls in the locker room at the gym literally wrapping themselves in saran wrap before a workout. I don’t know about you, but that sounds incredibly uncomfortable and disgusting. I guess that purpose is to make you sweat more and tuck your fat in, but it’s not like fat just dissipates like a magic trick. Again, train hard and eat right. You don’t need a waist trainer or plastic wrap to see improvements in your body.


Ok so first of all, we all have a diet. The way you eat now is considered a diet. I have a vegan diet, but I like to call it a vegan lifestyle instead. Anyway, there are so many pills, diet plans, systems, mailed meals, smoothies, etc. that claim you will lose weight. Typically you have some celebrity endorsing these products on infomercials at 3AM. You know what I’m talking about right? I’m always shocked that things like the “Cookie Diet” even existed. There were real people out there believing that eating cookies would help them get that desirable beach bod? Is this a joke?!

Now, I am personally okay with supplements like protein or amino acids, but only if it’s along with proper exercise and eating. Plus, supplements aren’t typically for a quick fix like “lose weight fast”. It’s more so to help supplement your current regiment.

Weight Watchers

Yes, this could go under diets, but I specifically wanted to dedicate a special section for Weightwatchers on this post. Ok, I get that the intention is good. We want to help people manage their weight. But a point system, really? So as long as I don’t go over my points for the day I can eat whatever food I want even if it’s just brownies? My sister said it perfectly, “It’s like the lazy, knockoff version of macro tracking.” Where’s the nutritional value in a diet like that? Are you getting micronutrients from your fruits and veggies? How’s your protein, carb, and fat intake? Oh, that’s right…it doesn’t matter because it fits your points. And again, I’ve never heard any serious healthy and fit person say this is a program they support.

*I know there are probably some people who are diligent with this program and do consume healthier foods and exercise. For those people, that’s great! I’m glad they have found something that works for them and gives them progress. However, I feel as though a lot of other people are mislead into believing what is healthy just because of a point system!*

To sum this all up, most of these products go back to one thing: trying to find a shortcut. Just like most challenging things in life, there is not a short cut to a fit or healthy lifestyle. In fact, it takes some serious adjustment in your personal lifestyle to start seeing the progress you desire. Chasing the trends is just going to waste your valuable time and money, so why not invest in something more worth while?