10 Favorite Vegan Recipes

10 Favorite Vegan Recipes After One Year of Veganism

It’s insane to think about the fact that it’s been a year since I chose a vegan lifestyle. Prior to this I was a vegetarian for 13 years. If you haven’t read my “Vegetarian to Vegan” Part 1 and Part 2, you should check it out to learn more about my experience. A vegan lifestyle was a far-fetched idea of “maybe one day I’ll try it when I have enough money or resources”. I’ll admit, that was very narrow minded and ignorant thinking.

My sister was the one who kind of kick started the idea for me along with the beauty YouTuber Carli Bybel (who is still vegan along with her boyfriend Brett Cap). Were some parts tough? Yes, it was hard to have to say no to a lot of foods I used to indulge in…mainly sweets of course.

Sometimes it has been challenging going out to eat if someone else chooses the location. I have had to look online in advance, ask about ingredients, or ask for changes in a meal. See my “Eating Vegan at Non-Vegan Restaurants” post for some more tips. I spend more time at the grocery store looking at labels and double checking products.

However, all of this is manageable and is so much easier when you have someone on the journey with you. I have learned so much, saved a lot of money not ordering unhealthy foods like pizza, have a better conscious, and have been able to try new dishes and restaurants. In my opinion, the change is truly one of my best decisions.

So as a anniversary celebration I decided to share 10 of my favorite vegan recipes. Keep in mind, there’s a ton of dishes I like so it’s hard to choose favorites. These are just a few!

I will link websites for recipes if available, but some of the blogs/sites may have a non-vegan version. However, when you become vegan you start to get creative and find ways to replace ingredients!

1- Spicy Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger

Yep, it’s this recipe again. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this delicious recipe multiple times on my blog or Instagram. The original recipe is vegetarian, not vegan, but it’s very easy to make it vegan. Seriously guys, next time you want a burger, try out this recipe. The combination of all the ingredients is heavenly.

2- Vegan Waffles

Back in Fall, I posted a vegan pumpkin spice Belgian waffle recipe inspired by Veganoisty’s recipe. Since then I have made a few different varieties of waffles using vegan protein powder, PB2, and chocolate chips. I love this recipe because it’s so low in sugar, easy to make, and tastes wonderful too!

3- Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Ahh carrot cake…it’s always been one of my favorites! So coming across a vegan recipe was quite exciting. I first posted about these in the Tea Party post about my sister’s birthday party I put together.

4- Soft Tacos

As I plan my meals every week I feel as though soft tacos is on there at least every other week. I love Mexican food and all the toppings that come with it like sour cream, salsa, guacamole, hot sauce, etc. You don’t really need a planned recipe for these either because it’s basically tortilla, the filling, and toppings. For my fillings I have done refried black beans with Spanish rice or cilantro lime rice with ground veggie crumbles. I have a post on my whole week of meals that includes soft tacos.

5- Pineapple Fried Rice

I’m typically not a huge fan of Asian style food, but pineapple fried rice is cool in my book! There’s something about the pineapple being a bit charred and warm that makes this rice dish come together. This recipe doesn’t include this, but I put Gardein’s Mandarin Chick’n in this as well with the sauce that is provided. It definitely adds that extra flavor.

6- Apple Crisp

Back in the day when I lived at my dad’s house I think I would say “I want apple crisp” on a weekly basis! This recipe comes straight from my dad who used to be a chef. I love the warmth of the sliced apples and cranberries, plus the crispiness of the baked oats. It’s a super easy and savory dessert you can serve at occasion.

7-Jalapeno Pesto Sandwich

There are some days where I am just craving a sandwich with mayonnaise (Veganaise of course)! I came across this recipe and I’m glad I did. The various flavors on each layer of the sandwich allow for the most perfect bites. You could also add your own variety to this recipe based on your preferences.

8- Cranberry, Chocolate Banana Bread

This is another savory recipe that can be served at pretty much any occasion and even eaten for breakfast! This is a recipe my sister posted on her blog at Living Like Leila. She prefers the bread to be cold, but I love when it’s fresh out the oven or heated up!

9- Roasted Jalapeno Soup

You know how on a cold night, soup is so comforting? That’s how I feel with this soup except I feel that I can enjoy it year round. This original recipe is not vegan, but it’s very simple to make it vegan by switching some of the products used.

10- The Creamiest Mashed Potatoes

You know there are so many varieties of mashed potatoes. I usually just keep it simple by adding some vegan milk and butter, plus minced garlic, rosemary, and pepper. Lately I branched out to try this recipe and I think it was one of the best batches of mashed potatoes I’ve ever tried! I was shocked that no milk was involved, it’s just cashew cream. These really were creamy and I highly recommend them.

I’m telling you, there is so much variety and great recipes that are suitable for vegans. You just have to look around or get creative!

So here’s to another year of a vegan lifestyle!