Favorite Fitness Gear

Get pumped for your workout with new fitness gear!

Is it just me or is working out more exciting when you have new fitness gear? Whether it be a new pair of shoes, leggings, or a fitness gadget, it kind of gives you the motivation to workout! I recently got a pair of really cute Nikes thanks to my sister and some of my favorite leggings from Target (which I discuss later on). When I get ready for the gym with these new items, I get excited and feel confident which usually leads to a better workout.

So here are a few of my favorite fitness items complete with links to learn more and purchase them.

Ankle Strap Cable Attachment

Whenever I wanted to do cable kick backs or side cable lunges, I would have to use either a handle attachment or some other weird unknown attachment. Now I use these awesome velcro ankle straps from FitGirl that I ordered off of Amazon for around $10 a piece. I ordered 2 straps, one pink and the other black. That way, I can keep both straps around my ankles and just switch the cable attachment as I work each leg. These are a great way to add some resistance training to your leg day. The straps are comfortable and easy to use. If you are planning on lifting really heavy, you may want to be careful though as these probably wouldn’t hold a whole bunch of weight. However, for what I do with kick backs and cable lunges, it serves me well.

Resistance Bands

Oddly enough, my sister and I both got each other resistance loop bands as a Christmas gift even though neither of us asked for them. These are pretty awesome because you can make any leg exercise more challenging by putting a band around your ankles or thighs. Today my sister and I did our entire leg day with the bands. These can also be used for other target areas like back, arms, and shoulders. The bands came in four different levels of resistance that range from light to extra heavy. So really it could be used by beginners or gym vets.

Bluetooth Headphones

My sister requested these specific bluetooth headphones for Christmas, so I ordered them for her. So, I personally do not have a pair of these yet, but I am definitely about to order some because having headphones attached to an arm band is starting to get annoying. Sometimes the headphones will jerk out of the phone, my arm will push the volume down, Siri will turn on, songs will skip, the band gets loose and slips down, and I have to turn my head in a weird way just to see the screen when changing songs. My sister thinks the sound quality is great and enjoys the fact that the headphones are magnetic so that when they connect the music turns off. The headphones do have to be charged quite frequently (last about 3-4 hours), but it’s probably worth it to not have all the hassle I mentioned above.


I’m not huge on supplements and I definitely don’t drink energy drinks like Monsters or Red Bulls. However, my sister introduced me to Amino Energy BCAAs. Basically BCAAs are a flavored powder that you add water to can drink before a workout to get you energized, during a workout to keep you going, or just as a pick me up after a workout. There’s 100 mg of caffeine from natural sources in each serving of 2 scoops. Typically caffeine does not help me stay awake, but can sometimes make me really jittery (especially if I drink coffee). The reason I love BCAAS so much is because I don’t get the jitters, but I do get the energy boost! I mostly drink BCAAs as a pre-workout and finish it during my workout session. However, sometimes I just use it as a way to boost my energy throughout a long day.

On the days I have class I work from 7Am-4:30PM, get home at 5, eat dinner, leave at 5:30PM, and then sit in a lecture style class for 3 hours until 9PM. It can be pretty challenging to get through days like that without feeling like I’m going to drool all over my notes on how to be a business leader. Mixing up some BCAAs to take to class really helps me get that energy I need to make it through. If you are wondering about how it affects your sleep, I’m probably not the person to ask. I can sleep almost at anytime anywhere, but my sister also reports it doesn’t seem to affect her negatively at night. I will mention that for my sister and I it does seem to make us have to pee a lot, so you might want to be prepared for that just in case!

So here’s the fun part…there are lots of awesome flavors to choose from and they don’t taste chalky like protein powder does! We have had watermelon, fruit fusion, blueberry mojito, pineapple, peach lemonade, green apple, strawberry lime, and blue raspberry. My two favorites are definitely peach lemonade and blueberry mojito while my sister loves green apple and fruit fusion. My sister suggests NOT getting the coffee flavored ones as she didn’t think they were tasteful, but if that’s your thing go for it! BodyBuilding.com tends to have BOGO 50% off sales and you can also search on Amazon for some deals as well.

Contigo AUTOCLOSE Tumbler

Most people use Blender Bottles for protein shakes and such. However, for BCAAS I use a Contigo AUTOCLOSE Tumbler specifically for my BCAAs. I put in some ice, add the powder, add water, screw on the self closing lid, shake, and insert the straw. It’s super convenient, easy, and clean! The way the top is made, you don’t have to worry about liquid getting everyone as you mix up the BCAAs. You do have to make sure you clean the crevices of the tumbler well as bacteria can build up and little black dots of mold will start to build up otherwise.

Champion Leggings

Let’s be real, my favorite thing to wear has to be workout clothes. My sister told me how great the Champion brand workout leggings at Target are, so when I had a gift card I decided to buy 2 pairs that were ON SALE! Both of these leggings are full length and solid black. One of the pairs of leggings have a mesh material on part of the thighs and the other pair have this lined texture that creates some dimension. I really love these leggings because of the right fit.

I am 5’0” about 105 pounds and bought these in extra small. the length is just a tad longer than my legs, but the minor scrunching at my ankles isn’t bad considering all the other wonderful aspects. These are very fitted and don’t move around as I workout, so I don’t have to worry about my undergarments showing or feeling uncomfortable mid workout! These are also moisture wicking which is great for people who sweat a ton like myself. The elastic waist band is also a comfortable fit and doesn’t dig into my stomach or waist. With the all black leggings, I would say they do pass the squat test.

Doorway Pull Up Bar

I typically am at the gym for my regular workouts. However, I never really do full on pull ups at the gym as I am not strong enough yet to do them as a full blow exercise. At home, I can use the pull up bar to practice with non-assisted pull ups. Plus, there’s a few other uses like elevated pushups, tricep dips, and ab exercises that can be done using the bar. What I really like about this is that I don’t need to damage my house to use the bar. I just put it over the door jam of my bathroom and take it down when I’m finished. No drilling, screws, or holes necessary!

If you are wanting to spice up your workout, try investing in a simple fitness item that will get you motivated. If you are thinking about purchasing any of these items and have any questions, let me know. I’ll be glad to give you my input from using the items.

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