Cruelty Free, Vegan Beauty Products

Beauty products that are good for you and the world.

In case you’re wondering, food labels aren’t the only ones to check for “vegan”. Even in beauty products there might be milk or some other animal derived ingredient. More people seem to be aware of cruelty free products and the importance of not purchasing from companies that do test on animals. Most big name drug store companies test on animals and it’s absolutely disheartening.

It’s a shame that these companies have such a backward way of thinking, but it’s hopeful that so many popular and uprising companies are promoting cruelty free and even vegan beauty products.

Ever since becoming vegan in April, I have started to switch over most of my beauty and household products over to vegan and cruelty free. These products will generally tend to cost a bit more, but to me it is absolutely worth it. I’d much rather live a guilt free life and sacrifice a few dollars. Plus I have found that most of the companies have a genuine focus on bettering the world through using biodegradable ingredients, donating a portion of their profits, advocating for those in need, and more. On top of that, these products tend to lack the harsh chemical ingredients that mainstream companies use quite often.

Below are some of my newly discovered favorite cruelty free, vegan beauty products. If you click any of the image links you can purchase directly through Amazon. How convenient, right?!

Alaffia Everyday Shea Body Wash

I currently am using the passion fruit scent in this body wash. This body wash smells really good, gets soapy like regular body wash, and I love the pump dispenser. Sometimes body wash can feel like too much on your skin, but I think the formula used in this body wash is just right. It’s not too thick, but not too watered down either.

I also recently bought the lavendar scent since I’m running low on the passion fruit. It smells so refreshing and I can’t wait to use that one as well. I’ve really started to love this company, so I have quite a few different products from the brand. Whenever I’m in the shower, I’m always reading the back of the bottle because they are doing so much greatness in the world through their “Empowerment Projects”. Learn more about their awesome mission on their website. Who doesn’t want to support something that’s trying to better the lives of others?

Alaffia Everyday Coconut Face Scrub
So I have heard that using scrubs that exfoliate your skin on a daily basis can cause scratching. Plus, I’ve also learned that the microbead like ingredients in some of those products (I’m thinking St. Ives Apricot Scrub that I used to use) are bad for the environment because they are made of a plastic-like material. However, this coconut scrub is amazing!

One, it smells delicious like rum because of the coconut. Two, it has actual coconut oil in it which is great for so many beauty related and health things. Plus, it works to moisturize your face as you wash. Three, the beads in this face wash are little sea salt grains. I use this face wash in the shower everyday and when it runs down my face I can actually taste the salt! Instead of roughly scrubbing your face, these microbeads dissolve and gently exfoliate. I think it’s a perfect balance of everything when it comes to a face wash.

Kylie Jenner Matte Lipsticks
My sister has Kylie’s Exposed and Candy K colors in the matte lip kits. So after I gave them a try, I fell in love. I’m one of those people who applies chapstick about 4 times every hour. However, with these matte lipsticks, I don’t feel the need to constantly apply even if my lips are somewhat dry. Plus, the colors are spectacular. I’m not one to typically wear color on my lips because I always feel like they are too much for me or make my teeth look yellow. With the Kylie lipsticks, it’s totally different. The colors are nicely pigmented, last long, and I like how the colors look on me.

I’m not big on really bright, vibrant, or super red colors, so I like to stick to the more mauve or natural toned lipsticks. So my sister got the hint that I was in love with the lip sticks and got me two of my own: Mail-boo and Koko K. Of course I’m already obsessed after trying them out! I’m glad there are some high end main stream products like Kylie’s line that are aware of the cruelty free and vegan lifestyle!

Colour Pop 

When I originally learned of how great Kylie’s lip kits were, my sister also told me that Colour Pop has similar lipsticks for a cheaper price. Of course this brand also offers products that are cruelty free and vegan. So I started to look at both companies, but decided I’d just ask for Christmas and if I didn’t get them, then I would decide afterwards. However, my sister came through with not only the Kylie lipsticks, but 4 Colour Pop lipsticks too.

She got me one of the lip bundles called Out and About. This 3 pack set came with the colors Viper, Times Square, and Baracuda. Viper and Times Square have ultra matte finishes while Baracuda has an ultra satin finish. She also gave me an ultra glossy lipstick which is in the color Finders Keepers. This was just an item that came free with her order that she decided to give to me. I’m personally not a huge fan of a glossy lip, but perhaps lightly paired with a matte lip it could work! The color is a mauve one, so that’s a bonus.

I did notice in their FAQ section that they answered the question, “are your products vegan?” Unfortunately not all their products are vegan, but all of them are cruelty free. They list out the specific items that are not vegan, so at least they are open about that! So if you order from them, be sure to check the list and avoid those options.

Carli Bybel Palette

If you don’t know who Carli Bybel is, she’s a pretty well known beauty guru in the YouTube world. Earlier this year, her and her boyfriend (Brett) switched to a vegan lifestyle. I’ve never been really into eye shadow, just mainly mascara. Mainly eyeshadow bothers me because I rub my eyes a lot. I also have oily type skin, so long wear of eye shadow can lead to creasing which is annoying! However, I was wanting to try a better formula without spending too much.

When I found out Carli became vegan, I decided I wanted to support her by purchasing her Carli Bybel 14 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette. I really love the colors because just like my lip colors, I don’t like anything too elaborate or colorful. The colors she picked are pretty neutral and have somewhat of a fall vibe with the dark red and brown tones. I still get minor creasing from all day wear, but it’s not as bad as before with other eye shadows. On the website BH Cosmetics, she has it listed for $14.50 which is actually pretty decently priced. I also see that it is sold in Ulta stores now.

Avalon Organics Shampoo & Conditioner

The vegan health blogger Shannon from The Glowing Fridge has incredible, luscious blonde hair. Seriously, go look at her blog now so you can see for yourself. When I switched over to a vegan lifestyle, I struggled finding a good shampoo and conditioner. I first started with Etsy to find homemade cruelty free, vegan hair products. However, I noticed my hair didn’t feel like it was cleaned because the shampoo wouldn’t lather. Also, I realized that no matter what conditioner I used or the amount, my hair still looked and felt greasy. I’m definitely not about that look, so I knew there had to be something that was of good quality and guilt free!

I decided to tweet Shannon and ask her what she uses. She said Avalon Organics was one of the products she uses, so the next time I was at Sprouts I bought the lavender scented shampoo. I later bought the conditioner after I was satisfied with my hair from the shampoo. My hair no longer looks greasy after washing it and it smells good! I got a big bottle from Sprouts for about $15 each and I think it’s normally about $20. It lasts pretty long because I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week and I have pretty long hair. So glad I finally found something that works for me!

Lush Products

I’ve never personally bought or owned Lush products, but my sister has bought a few items from the company. She has a coffee face scrub that smells like coffee shop heaven and is so refreshing to use! She’s also bought some bath bombs that smell delightful and I know a lot of people who enjoy them. For Christmas my sister gave me a Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly. I’m fascinated with how it’s literally like a Jello material, but it’s a shimmery and fun body wash. How cool?!She also got me a Tangled Hot Oil Treatment. I haven’t used it yet because it’s a one time use product, but basically you melt the block and put it in your hair as a pre-wash.

So even though I am a new user of Lush products, I really have already fallen for their brand. I was reading the Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly in the shower. Lush is cruelty free, vegan, gives incentives for bringing in their containers to be reused, makes their packaging from recycled items, uses better and safer ingredients, and has biodegradable products. Even though Lush is a pretty big and well known company, I still get that local, homemade vibe from their products. Packaging is everything to me when I first look at a product, and I love it. They even have a sticker of who made the product and when with a little avatar of the person. I will definitely be purchasing from Lush myself in the future!

Macadamia Hair Masque

A while back I bought this hair masque for my sister as a gift per her request. This year for Christmas, she got me the same masque. I gave it a try yesterday and it is heavenly! Basically after shampooing, you put the masque in your hair for about 5-10 minutes. Then you rinse it out and it replaces the use of conditioner. My hair was so soft and untangled even though I didn’t brush it before getting in the shower. Even today, after straightening my hair, it feels more nourished and smooth.




There you have it, some high quality beauty products that won’t make you feel guilty! I encourage you to check the labels of your current beauty products. Do research before purchasing products. Your money is supporting what they do and what they believe, so if you don’t believe in their wrong practices, don’t support it!

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