Outdoor Plyo Circuit

Stay Fit Even on Vacation

Last weekend my sister and I traveled to Dahlonega, Georgia for our traditional sister weekend getaway. The week of, we were trying to get as much done as possible. My sister is finishing grad school in December, so she had her final paper to work on along with tons of other tasks. I am also in grad school, so I had to finish my whole week of assignments, a test, meet with my group, and work on lesson plans for my job as a teacher. We really wanted to be able to enjoy our weekend without having to think too much of our “to-do” lists.

Since we spent so much time focused on the school and work “to-do” lists, we didn’t get to have the most effective workouts for that week. We decided we would get a workout in Saturday morning on the property of the cabin. My sister did a leg workout using some minor equipment she brought from home. However, I stuck to a plyo circuit using a tree stump that was arranged near a bonfire pit.

I wanted to share this circuit because often times when we travel, our fitness and health start to slack. I get really upset if I can’t go to the gym or workout for an extended period of time. So although this may have not been the most intense way to get a workout, it’s still better than skipping another day. Obviously not everyone travels to a woodsy property, but most hotels have a small gym that will do. If not, then you can find ways to exercise in your hotel room. Ab exercises are pretty easy to come up with using just a bed or a chair.

You definitely will have to get more creative while out of town since you don’t have your normal equipment or routine, but you’ll feel accomplished just by being active (especially on vacation). So here is my outdoor plyo circuit. I even put together a short video, so check that out to see the exercises in action!


Elevated Push Ups || 10-12 Reps

Be sure to keep your elbows tucked in toward your ribs as much as you can. Keep a straight line from your head to your feet (including your back and butt).

Elevated Knee Up Lunges || 8-10 Reps Each Leg

Start with one leg on an elevated surface and your other leg extended back like you’re doing a lunge. Lift your bottom leg up to hover above the elevated surface. Try to push through the elevated leg muscles to get yourself up. Moving your arms in a back and forth motion might help you with balance and stability. Then switch to the opposite leg.

Box Jumps || 10 Reps

When I first came to these tree stumps and was trying to come up with plyo exercises, I jokingly said, “box jumps”. However, I usually only do 5-6 steps on the aerobics stepper at the gym. So I wasn’t sure I would be able to clear the tree stump that was a bit taller than my knees. I went ahead and tried it and what do you know…I cleared it! It also helps for me to swing my arms like I’m skiing to get some momentum.

Elevated Knee to Nose Planks || 10 Reps Each Leg

Rest your forearms on the elevated surface as if you are doing a regular plank. Start by lifting one leg in the air engaging your glute muscles and then bring your knee into your nose while engaging your core. Unlike the push ups, your back can arch upward a bit since you are bring your knee to your nose. Doing this helps to deepen the core crunch. Then kick your leg back out while keeping your muscles tight. Switch to the opposite leg.

To conclude my plyo circuit, I decided to also do a quick sprint up the hill behind me past the cabin. However, I didn’t include that in my video clip. After doing all five of these exercises, I rested for about 2 minutes and then started the next round. I did this circuit four times total like most of my workouts.

See…even when you’re out of town, you can find a way!

How do you stay in shape and healthy while traveling? Comment below!