DIY Fall Decor

3 Simple (and Cheap) Do-It-Yourself Crafts to Spruce Up Your Home for Fall

I love Fall, Pinterest, crafts, and decorating, so when you put all four together I’m a really happy camper. If I had more time, I’d probably invest it in more Pinterest DIY projects. So when I’m looking for Fall decor ideas, I choose the nice looking ones that don’t take days upon days to complete. Plus, when they are friendly on my bank account, that’s a plus too!

So here’s three Fall DIY projects I have done to add a little touch of festivity to my humble abode!

Fall Door Wreath

The first year my sister and I bought the house we live in, we wanted to go all out with decorations. Christmas was pretty easy, but for Halloween and Thanksgiving, we did not have a whole bunch. I have always loved the look of a wreath on the front door. However, have you seen the prices of pre-made wreaths?! Talk about expensive. However, I made my wreath for about $20 and it looks pretty good I must say!

I went to Hobby Lobby to get my supplies. You need a stick/twig plain wreath (in the floral section for about $10+ depending on the size). Then if you go to the seasonal decor section, there are tons of floral leaf type decor, pumpkins, acorns, corn, etc. These items typically have a bendy piece to it so you can wrap it around the wreath easily and it blends with the sticks of the original wreath.

Fall Wreath

I wanted to add some more personalization by getting a wooden “K” and paint it a Fall color. To ensure that things stayed where I wanted them to, I used a hot glue gun. You could probably find a better way to hang the wreath, but the gold ribbon was what I had on hand, so I figured I’d use it. However, I might go back in the future and make it look a bit nicer or add a hook from the back.

Fall Mason Jars

Mason Jars seem to be the “in-thing” on Pinterest lately. The Fall Mason Jars that I created were inspired by a post I saw on Pinterest that links to an Etsy store. So I suppose if you don’t want to make these or don’t have a lot of time, you could purchase them already made! However, my jars look a bit different.

Fall Mason Jars

I painted the inside of the jars with different Fall colors. Then I put a block of plant styrofoam (you know that green stuff that is used for floral arrangements) and added some more of those Fall decor pieces I used for my wreath. Then I added a burlap layer on the outside and instead of spelling “Fall”, I just put a leaf on each jar. I like to spread these out on my fireplace mantel to add some Fall to my living room.

Glitter Pinecones

Each Fall for the past few years, my sister and I travel to Dahlonega in North Georgia. The cabin we stay at has a lot of trees and is on a woodsy property. We did some walking and I picked up some really neat pinecones. They were thinner than the ones that I usually see around my area. I decided to decorate them with gold and red glitter. I went with these colors because it can work with Fall and Christmas, so why not?!

Fall Glitter Pinecones

I actually found out that you can bake the pinecones so they don’t become all gross from being outside. I found the instructions on Pinterest and some posts gave instructions on how to make pinecones scented too. So after baking the pinecones and cleaning them up, I put some Modge-Podge glue on the pinecones in various patterns and then sprinkled glitter. I then laid them out on wax paper to dry. These can really be used anywhere in the house for decor. They could be spread along the mantle, displayed in a vase or table tray, or made into ornaments with string.

So there you have it, three simple and cost effective Fall DIY decor projects! Just make them once and you have them each season…it’s great! Better get busy with those Fall decorations by the way…October is almost over!

Have you tried any Fall DIY projects from Pinterest? How’d they turn out? Comment below!