How to be More Organized

6 Ways to Become a More Organized Person

I’m a teacher and though that doesn’t automatically make you an organized person, I feel it’s very difficult to not be organized. Teachers have so much paperwork to keep up with, supplies to put away, and so many people to work with. If I wasn’t organized, I don’t think I could keep up. Organization definitely plays a key role in success for your personal and professional life. Here are 6 ways I stay organized.

Use a Daily Planner

Planners are a great place to start in becoming a more organized person. If you are always forgetting due dates, appointments, occasions, and more, then it’s time to invest in a handy planner. There are SO many options out there, but I personally like the MintGreen brand. The designs are very fun and it’s a more green version of most planners. You can find planners at any office supply store, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and so many other places. Find a planner that works for you. Some people would prefer a big desk calendar or a wall calendar in lieu of a planner. However, you can easily carry a planner around in case you need to access it.

Use Post-It-Notes… A LOT!

Ahhh Post-It-Notes are like candy for the organized Type-A personalities of the world. Sometimes I think in my head, “Oh, I’ll remember this later”. Later on my mind becomes swamped with 15 other things. I totally forget what I needed to remember. So, it helps to get in the habit of getting out a Post-It-Note to quickly jot down any reminders.

Set Aside Time to Re-Organize

You got your Spring cleaning goals accomplished and you feel amazing. Three weeks pass by and the house is messy. We all know how it goes, right? Your intention is to keep the house clean, but time catches up with you and you get super busy. The organization and clean house kind of go on the back burner until your next big cleaning binge. But, wait…it’s doesn’t have to be that way!

After cleaning up your house, your desk, your closet, or whatever, try to set aside 10-15 minutes at the end of each week to re-organize anything. You changed your outfit 3 times before going to work and so your closet floor is currently housing 3 outfits. At the end of the week, pick those clothes up to put back on the hangers. That way, you don’t let the mess and disorganization pile up. Don’t wait too long before you re-organize otherwise it will start to really become an overwhelming mess that will consume a lot of your time.

Be Consistent (with where you put things)

I’ve noticed that consistency is almost the key to everything in life. Consistency with cleaning and organization means that you put things where they belong each time. For example, I have my closet color coordinated and sorted by tops, bottoms, dresses, and jackets. This system works for me because if I want to wear a blue shirt, then I know exactly where to look for that item. My dresser drawers are the same way for more casual and workout clothes. Everything has it’s own place, so I don’t have to waste time remembering where something can be found.

You can do this with all areas of your house and even your office space at work if you have that. Everything in my kitchen, bathroom, and rest of my house has a particular spot. This might seem controlling or OCD-like, but it honestly will save you such a headache. I personally do not enjoy rummaging through my house for 20 minutes trying to find something when I could have easily placed it in the right location.

Have a Filing System

As an adult, you obtain a lot of important documents that you need to keep. Get a file cabinet or a small file crate like I have myself to organize those important documents. Of course, everyone’s files will vary. I have files for bills, my house, my pets, my car, taxes, medical documents, work, and school. I first learned this technique from my dad. He has a huge standing filing cabinet. Anytime he needed to reference a document, but he wasn’t home, he’d call me to find it for him. He would be able to tell me which folder it was in, what it should be behind, and what the document looked like as well. Because my dad is so organized and has a system, it’s so much easier to access important documents in a timely manner.
Another reason this is extremely imperative is because you may need those documents for something serious. For example, maybe there is a dispute with your insurance company or you need to bring your past medical records to your current doctor. If you go to a CPA (certified personal accountant) to file your taxes, you will also need a lot of documents like your last year’s tax return, your W-2 forms, any official documents that pertain to large purchases, and proof of expenses for work, etc.

Get Organizational Supplies

If you need a way to properly store items, then you may need to get bins that are for specific items. Most of the time while cleaning, we find a box, stuff a whole bunch of junk in it and pack it away. However, when you need to find something, you now have to make a mess by digging through everything. So instead, group things into boxes or containers and then label them specifically. If you really want to be organized, put an inventory list on the outside of the box.

In the beginning, organization may seem like a challenging concept if it doesn’t come naturally for you. However, after implementing these 6 tips into your life, you should start to notice less stress, hassle, and mess!

What do you do to keep organized?