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My Vegetarian to Vegan Story…


Want to know more about bing a vegetarian and/or a vegan? If you read Part 1 of my Vegetarian to Vegan post last week, then you know the journey of how I became a vegetarian all the way to being a vegan currently. In this post, I am going to answer the FAQ/responses to comments from meat-eaters that I have received as a vegetarian and/or vegan. Then, if you’re interested, I will give you tips on how to have a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

**Disclaimer: I am going to be pretty blunt about the meat industry and why I don’t eat meat/animal products. There is no need to sugar coat the harsh realities that the animals have to face. Again, I have no intention to convince anyone.

Everyone has to make their own lifestyle choices. My purpose is to educate people through my experiences.

FAQ/Responses to Comments from Meat-Eaters

That sucks that you can’t eat meat. Don’t you miss it?
No, I do not and have not ever missed eating meat since becoming a vegetarian 12 years ago. To be honest, the thought of eating, touching, or cooking meat absolutely makes me feel sick. All I can see in my head are the images and videos of the torture and abuse those poor animals face. If I can eat healthier, guilt free meals that taste the same or even better than a meat meal, then why would I miss being a meat-eater? A lot of people find it hard to understand that I CHOSE this for myself and continue to choose it every single day. No one person has forced me to have a vegan lifestyle. I don’t need anyone to feel bad for me as if I’m missing out on something in life.

In fact, I saw a quick clip of a video called “Rewinding Your Chicken Dinner” the other day. Since I am already vegan, it was not necessary for me to continue watching because it makes me feel sick. However, I told my sister how grateful I am for the choice I have made to be a vegan. I can live and eat guilt free.

Where do you get your protein from?
This is probably one of the most absurd questions I receive from meat-eaters. Of course, I kindly respond, but I find it quite ironic. I would say most people don’t care too much about what they consume on a daily basis. I observe people at grocery stores, I notice what is in their carts. They aren’t reading food labels as I do, planning their meals as I do, tracking sugar intake as I do, or researching the terrible effects of the four packs of soda in their cart. However, all of a sudden people are so concerned about protein intake. The same people who ask me these questions are ones who drink soda on a daily basis, smoke cigarettes, or eat at fast food restaurants more times than not! It seems very hypocritical in my opinion.
Before you ask a vegetarian or a vegan about their protein sources, I want you to first think about if you even know how many grams of protein a person should consume on a daily basis? Just because meat carries a lot of protein, meat-eaters assume that is the main or even only way to obtain protein. Did you know vegetables have protein? Did you know lentils have 18 grams of protein per cup? What about nuts, beans, legumes, and vegetarian/vegan meat replacement products? There are plenty of ways that vegetarians and vegans can obtain protein in a healthy way. Just please do your research before you assume. Meat isn't the only way to obtain protein! Do your research & see.

Oh, that’s why you’re so skinny!
Would you go up to someone who is eating two burgers, large fries, and a milkshake and say, “Oh, that’s why you’re so overweight?” NO! That would be rude, right? So, why is okay for people to approach me and tell me that I am skinny because I don’t eat animal products? There are a lot of factors besides be a non-meat-eater when it comes to weight and body type. In fact, we actually have to be careful to not consume too many carbohydrates. A lot of vegetarian and vegan meals will include items like pasta or bread, which can lead to weight gain. I did not choose this lifestyle to get skinny or lose weight. I chose this lifestyle because I do not support the animal abuse.

Animals were put on Earth for us to eat.
I think as humans some of us tend to have the belief that we are the all mighty and powerful beings. We must assert our dominance on all other species. The only thing that truly sets us apart from animals would be the fact that we talk. A lot of species were around prior to human existence, so it is not really a valid argument to say animals were put here for us to eat if humans arrived after the fact. If the human body can thrive on a plant based diet, then it is absolutely unnecessary for us to consume animal products.

Ever wonder why so many people are lactose-intolerant? In the past, I have noticed that after consuming meals heavy in dairy products especially cheese, I felt bloated. Maybe the human body isn’t meant to consume dairy. Humans are the only species that continue to drink milk after infancy, BUT what makes it even worse is it’s from another creature! IS THAT NOT GROSS?! When you really start to think about it and look into the studies done on this issue, you will start to see past the ignorance that society has shoved down our throats since birth.

How do you cook or plan meals?
Simple answer: PINTEREST (yet again)! Over the past few years I have found so many amazing recipes from various bloggers that are cruelty free! I also have a few helpful vegetarian cook books or recipes I’ve pulled from magazines. It also takes some creativity. If I see a recipe that has ground beef for example, I can use the veggie crumbles from Morning Star or Boca.

You may have noticed that in these two posts I have referred to this as a lifestyle, not a diet. To me, this is about more than just eating right, so I can lose weight or look a certain way. A diet tends to sound temporary as if I’m trying it out for a few months. This is a lifestyle. You have to choose how you want to live. Choose Your Lifestyle.

How do I become a vegetarian or a vegan?
Now some people might suggest doing this gradually especially if you’ve been a meat-eater all your life. However, I think if you’re going to start, you should go all in. Otherwise, you might be tempted to slip back into your old lifestyle habits. Do research. Look up recipes online from Pinterest and food bloggers, find cookbooks, magazines, or get creative like I do. I started off with vegetarian cookbooks myself.
Look around at the various options at grocery stores that you were probably unaware of prior to your lifestyle change. I LOVE helping people make the transition into this lifestyle! So, if you need recipes, ideas, support, or advice, I am all ears.

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Next week, I will be sharing my “What I Eat in a Week as a Vegan” post, so be on the lookout for that! 🙂 <3

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