Importance of Affirmations

“I am successful and will continue to achieve more through handwork and determination. I will come across challenges, but I will get through them and learn from. Hardships have made me stronger and shaped me to be who I am. Whether others see it or not, I am worthy. I will always have myself to rely on, so I need to be the best me possible. Always remember, pressure makes diamonds.”

Learn the importance of affirmations when it comes to achieving what you desire most.I have that paragraph of affirmations posted on my bathroom mirror. Although I don’t necessarily stand in the bathroom and read it aloud each morning, I do have it memorized. I say my affirmations throughout the day in my head or aloud. I specifically say my affirmations if I’m starting to doubt myself, feel down about life, or need a pick-me-up.

What are Affirmations?
I first learned of affirmations when I was listening to Tony Robbins videos on YouTube. Tony actually called them “incantations”. Basically these are statements of belief to help you mentally prepare for what you desire. The point is to say the statements so often, that it begins to become part of your subconscious mind. It is similar to the Law of Attraction. Of course saying, “I’m a millionaire” each morning ten times in a row at the top of your lungs will not help you become a millionaire. What will help you though, is that it is so engrained in your mind that you are more likely to take the steps necessary to pursue that goal.

Why are Affirmations Effective?
We truly underestimate the power of the mind. Almost everything in life is mind over matter. Good and bad are constantly happening around us; that will probably always remain true. However, it is our mind that determines how we handle the good and the bad. It is our minds that make meaning of everything going on around us. Otherwise, those things hold no meaning. The human mind can almost be our own worst enemy at times. Think of how much doubt, self hatred, and unworthiness our minds can fill us with. It may seem challenging to control your mind and thoughts, but it is absolutely possible. When you are able to control your mind, you are more likely to open yourself up to what you want.

You are not holding back because of fear, self doubt, or because you don’t feel worthy enough to obtain what you truly desire. You’ve had the potential all along to have what you want, but your mind was playing tricks on you.

How do I Create my Own Affirmations?
First of all whether it be in regards to happiness, relationships, success, or your goals, your affirmations should be based on what you want. You should not create affirmations because you think it is what your family wants, your friends want, your partner wants, etc. This is all about YOU!

There are so many ways you can create your own affirmations. As you can see, my affirmations (at the top) were general and about my success, worth, and facing challenges. My sister has short sentence affirmations in relation to various topics like success, happiness, money, and so on. From what I’ve learned, it seems that it is most common for people to state their affirmations in the morning. However, Tony Robbins said that he would repeat his incantations in the car on the way to a speech to get himself mentally prepared. If you simply search “affirmations” on Pinterest, you will come across tons of ideas. Write them down in a notebook, post them on your fridge, or put them in a frame on your work desk. The point is, you want to place them somewhere you will see quite frequently.

At first, you may feel odd reciting your affirmations aloud, but with time you will realize how great you feel afterward. Like I said, it’s mind over matter!

What are your affirmations? How are they helping you grown each day? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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